Carolyn Fae Lucas, so many positive attributes, there’s not enough words…She was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, and her proudest title “Granny”. Fae was the eldest daughter (3rd child) of 15 children born to her parents. She was a natural nurturer and caregiver to her siblings. From her youth on, preparing meals for her brothers and sisters was a daily routine that she relished (and there’s not a “skinny” one in the bunch!). She expressed her extravagant love in many ways, but cooking and serving was definitely her premier “Love Language”.

Fae married her high school sweetheart shortly after graduating high school. She birthed two amazing children, but raised many. When her mother passed, unexpectedly, Fae and her husband, without hesitation, took in her five siblings that were still in school and her other siblings when they needed a place to stay. Fae’s hospitality didn’t stop at her sibling’s, she also opened her home and cared for her dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and grands. Fae was the original “meal on wheels” preparing meals and delivering them to family and friends that were elderly or sick. Most notably, she did all of these things at her own expense...What LOVE!

Carolyn worked a full time job for over 50 years from age of 16 until her passing. She was a diligent and faithful employee, even after her cancer diagnosis she continued to work and care for her family. She would take weekly chemo treatments on a Thursday morning and still work a full shift the same evening! She never missed a beat, still cooking meals daily for her family and friends. Her Sunday dinners were legendary! A first time guest in her home suggested she “put in a drive-thru window!” after taking notice of all the people that entered Fae’s home and enjoyed a meal and took a carry-out too.

This snippet is just a drop in the ocean of Carolyn Fae. Fae left us a great legacy of love, diligence, dedication, tenacity, passion, faithfulness and some pretty good recipes! 

Our desire is to honor that legacy daily!